Solar Site Assessments

The first step to installing solar is assessing your property's potential. Solar site assessments help determine how beneficial and effective an array of solar panels will be at your property. We come to you!

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How it Works

The Assessor

MRES coordinates with an independent solar site assessor. Our assessors do not sell solar installations. Instead they provide honest, candid assessments of the solar potential of your location.

Your solar site assessment will be performed by a solar professional who is a:

  • State Certified Energy Auditor

  • MREA Certified Solar Electric Site Assessor

  • MREA Certified Solar Thermal Site Assessor

The Assessment

A solar site assessment through MRES provides you with a detailed report which includes:

  • A review of energy efficiency and conservation strategies to help lower your energy load, increasing the effectiveness of a solar installation

  • A measurement of your solar "window" with estimated annual shade percentages

  • A review of potential "balance of system" locations

  • An estimate of the potential size of a solar array

  • An estimate of the annual production of a solar array based on the solar "window" and potential array size

  • An estimate of the total cost of a solar installation, including potential solar incentives programs

  • A list of valuable resources to assist you in decision making


Costs may vary based on location and type of property. Typical costs are listed below:

  • Residential Home:  $175

  • Commercial Building:  $225

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