Basic Business Membership

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Basic Business Membership


Designed for sole proprietors, small contractors (1-3 employees), and non-profits, our basic business membership offers a combination of discounts and promotional benefits.

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  • Includes a Basic Individual Membership for your primary representative

  • Your organization listed and link added to the MRES Supporters page

  • Ability to use MRES logo to highlight your support of renewable energy in Minnesota

  • Primary listing on our "Renewable Energy Dealers, Designers & Installers" page

  • Discount new individual membership rates for your employees

  • 10% discount on MRES event sponsorship opportunities

  • Solar installers who wish to accept our Independent Site Assessments will be placed on a list for customers to contact.

Business memberships allow MRES to thrive. Through funding, event sponsorship, and partnerships, MRES and our business members are helping to facilitate a renewable energy transition in Minnesota.

The Solar Boat Regatta, Eco Experience, and Sustainable Home Tour offer event sponsorship opportunities, while our monthly newsletter, speaker series, and various tabling events are excellent for promotional content. Support MRES today and help shepherd Minnesota into its energy future.