Weber Head.jpg

Mark Weber

Chair - 6 years with MRES

Term: 2017-2020

Mark became interested in solar energy in the late 1970’s, but due to the economic conditions at that time, that interest was never explored until 2011. In 2011 he put up a 5.9 kW PV system on his house and became a member of MRES.

In addition to MRES, Mark is a long time member of the International Fluid Power Society and has a long relationship with the Boy Scouts of America. Mark is a 30+ year current employee of Eaton Hydraulics in Eden Prairie, where he was elected to the Eaton Society of Inventors due to innovative work on Hydrostatic Transmissions. He has held positions in Engineering, Systems Engineering and Sales at Eaton Hydraulics; working on a variety of vehicles from asphalt pavers to passenger jets.

Mark received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UW-Madison in 1982 and a Master’s of Science from Mississippi State University in 1996.