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Distrubted Wind

Distributed Wind Market Assessment - Minnesota

In February 2014 the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society headed up a team that was chosen to conduct an assessment of the distributed wind market in Minnesota by the Minnesota Department of Commerce.The team consisted of Laura Burrington (MRES), Brian Ross and Abby Finis (CR Planning), Fritz Ebinger (MN Project), John Dunlop (Renewable Energy Services) and Heather Rhodes Weaver (eFormative Options).

The assessment consisted of the following activities:

  • Survey of Minnesota's distributed wind industrys participants
  • Roundtable discussions with Minnesota's distributed wind manufacturers and installers
  • Complied a database of distributed wind installations in Minnesota
  • Case studies of important distributed wind issues in Minnesota

As a result of these assessments the team put together a series of webinars and concluded with a series of recommendations to move forward the distributed wind industry in Minnesota. We have created this page to provide these resources to the public.

Survey Results
Database Conclusions
Final Recommendations


Siting Case Study: Camden State Park
Proper Electrical Components: Rohlik Farm



Distributed Wind Market Overview and Opportunities

  • Market Developments: Alice Orrell, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Best Practices in Turbine Selection & Marketing: Val Stori, Interstate Turbine Advisory Council
  • USDA Grant Application Process: Charles Newcomb, Endurance Windpower
  • Panel discussion with these and other industry experts on opportunities for overcoming key market issues and barriers

Best Practices for Distributed Wind Project Development and Installation

  • Performance Estimation: Trudy Forsyth, Wind Advisor Team
  • Site Assessment Tools & Techniques: Wes Slaymaker, WES Engineering
  • Guidelines for Installer Training: Jenny Heinzen, Midwest Renewable Energy Assn
  • Panel discussion with these and other industry experts on opportunities for overcoming key siting and installation issues and barriers

Results of Minnesota Distributed Wind Energy Industry & Market Study

John Dunlop, Renewable Energy Services

This project was made possible by funding from the Minnesota Department of Commerce.