Solar Boat Regatta

May 17, 2014
10am to 3pm

Riley Lake Park (google maps) in Eden Prairie
(click here for PDF map of Riley Lake Park)

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2009 Solar Boat Regatta Overview Video

At the MRES' Solar Boat Regatta teams demonstrate knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to design and build boats powered by the sun. They compete in a number of races, culminating with a one-hour endurance race.

Solar-Powered Boats Compete in:

  • Speed Races!
  • Slalom Races!
  • Endurance Races!

This event has given hundreds of middle and high school students, and others willing to step up to the challenge, valuable and unique experience with solar electricity, wiring, motors, fluid dynamics, boat design, construction, and teamwork. By racing the solar powered boat that they have built, students experience the thrill of competition and the pride of accomplishment that comes with creating something useful and fun.

A solar boat makes use of the sun's radiation. The solar energy must be received exclusively by on-board transducers (photovoltaic cells). On-board storage and conversion into intermediate forms of energy (electric energy storage in batteries) are permitted. The boats must not be designed to use forms of energy other than solar — no wind, no human power, no gas engine power, no additional batteries, and no additional PV cells.

•  Student Class: Grades 6–12
•  Adult Class: Individuals or groups not associated with a school
•  Experimental/Exhibition Class: Boats that exceed the criteria listed in the Rules.


Congratulations 2012 Winners!

Student Class:

1st Place – Discovery Middle School, Alexandria, boat name "Discovery 2"
2nd Place – City Academy, St Paul, boat name "Battleship"

Experimental Class:

1st Place – Orono High School, Long Lake, boat name "O.S.E.K."
2nd Place – Orono Middle School, Long Lake, boat name "The Unknown"

Website Design Winners:

1st Place - Virginia Public Schools
2nd Place - Odyssey Academy
3rd Place - City Academy


MRES is seeking volunteers who would like a great day outdoors!
If you are interested in volunteering at the Solar Boat Regatta,
you can sign up here by May 7, 2014. 

More Information

More information on the 2014 Solar Boat Regatta is available in the PDF documents below:

Promotional Flyer



Required Items

Registration Form

Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement

Invitation to Educators

Volunteer Opportunities

80 W Solar Panel Kit w/ Charge Controller and Inverter
(This is a good example for those looking for a kit to help them get started on building their boat's power source.)


•  Registration Fee: $25 (through April 4, 2014)
•  Registration Fee: $50 (April 5–May 2, 2014)

Please Click here to Register your Boat


For questions about the Solar Boat Regatta, contact the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society at or (612) 308-4757.