solar boat regatta

Solar Boat Regatta

Thank you for another great Solar Boat Regatta!

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At the MRES' Solar Boat Regatta teams demonstrate knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to design and build boats powered by the sun. They compete in a number of races, culminating with a one-hour endurance race.

Solar-Powered Boats Compete in:

  • Speed Races

  • Slalom Races

  • Endurance Races

This event has given hundreds of middle and high school students, and others willing to step up to the challenge, valuable and unique experience with solar electricity, wiring, motors, fluid dynamics, boat design, construction, and teamwork. By racing the solar powered boat that they have built, students experience the thrill of competition and the pride of accomplishment that comes with creating something useful and fun.

A solar boat makes use of the sun's radiation. The solar energy must be received exclusively by on-board transducers (photovoltaic cells). On-board storage and conversion into intermediate forms of energy (electric energy storage in batteries) are permitted. The boats must not be designed to use forms of energy other than solar — no wind, no human power, no gas engine power, no additional batteries, and no additional PV cells.

  • Student Class: Grades 6–12

  • Adult Class: Individuals or groups not associated with a school

  • Experimental/Exhibition Class: Boats that exceed the criteria listed in the Rules.


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