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Nice Shirt – Tips on Engaging your Audience
Smile, comment “Nice Shirt”
“What do you do that’s Green?” ….I don’t really do anything…..”Well do you recycle?”….okay, that’s green, do you use LED lightbulbs?
Are you an xcel customer, did you know Windsource Xcel, that’s what I did
“Do you Know what this is?” pointing to a solar panel.
This is a TINY HOUSE, powered by solar panels and solar thermal, pretty cool huh?

Props are good !!
“Wanna try this?” “Hey can you say, big giant fusion reactor in the sky?” “What’s that?”….point to a solar panel….do you know how it works?
Say something, anything, simplistic, non-threatening, appropriate, get the audience to look at you and CONNECT with you.


Speak Fun Facts out loud…(Carnival Barker) until someone bites and you strike a cord or someone asks a question such as:
Houses with solar are selling 20% faster and for 17% more than the asking price as reported by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
EV cars on average go 3 miles per watt of power, so if you drive 25 miles each day you will need about 8, 300 watt panels on your roof or garage…..
Price of solar panels have plummeted, payback for solar in rooftop on average 8-9 years,
CALL TOP 3 SOLAR COMPANIES you google, most will do a FREE analysis, xcel…
In 15 years most houses will have solar on the rooftop (Elon Musk)
Did you know solar panels work in the Winter?
Remember, not that long ago the ice man would deliver a block of ice to your home to keep your food cold, that was your ice box, and then there was the guy who invented the machine called the REFRIDGERATOR, and he had to go to state fairs to show people how it worked and what his outlandish idea did 🙂 Well, solar is just another machine.
Did you know that Germany has solar panels on practically every building, they now have about 85% renewable energy….and their sunshine is similar to Alaska’s….and so
if Germany can do this SO CAN MINNESOTANS
With solar panels on your rooft, your electric meter can SPIN BACKWARDS!!!
Net Metering….

More Information, call to Action:
“Get your Geek On” PV Watts,, LIDAR


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