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August Speaker: Designing Volturnus turning water into power

“Designing Volturnus: turning water into power”
Ted Christopher
Verterra Energy, Inc. | CEO

Description of presentation:
Company Description: We could provide 1/3 of the power our planet needs from the 10,000 + gigawatts of energy flowing in rivers and oceans, Voluturns is a modular device designed to uniquely harness the kinetic energy in flowing water.

Bio of Presenters:
A passion for social responsibility and renewable energy inspired Ted Christopher to create a device that could make a real difference in the world. It wasn’t enough for the Volturnus to be just another underwater windmill; it had to be revolutionary, elegant, and simple in design and execution. It had to capture people’s imagination.
For the past 9 years, Ted has shepherded Verterra’s development from the construction of small scale models to full system architecture prototypes, patents, strategic partnerships and collaborations, to building a world class team to solve the global need for distributed, renewable energy.